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SAM is an integrated platform combining a broad range of highly complementary skills

A local Partner with (i) a deep knowledge of the Italian RE & PE market and (ii) a consistent local network.

A team with an extensive experience and knowledge of best international standards.

Extensive origination and sourcing activity leveraging on

multi-disciplinary expertise and on a remarkable track record

Comprehensive approach for structuring hybrid PE & RE solutions integrated in tax efficient vehicles, appropriately leveraged

Focus on high potential real estate assets displaying returns linked to the operating activity (e.g. assisted living, student housing) and requiring specific operating  expertise.

Creation of a financial product combining (i) stable returns from the RE assets and (ii) growth potential from the operating component

Integrated management of greenfield and valorisation projects

Risk Management: enhanced quantitative risk monitoring to ensure (i) appropriate control and management of risks on the RE and on the PE side, and (ii) maximization of returns per unit of risk.

Implementation of a comprehensive tailor-made investor’s reporting packgage.

Internal valuation of RE assets and of equity shareholdings.